5 Things You Need to Know About Asco Joucomatic

May 29 2013, posted in News

We often look quite closely at the different pneumatic components and their uses through our posts, however this time we thought we’d take a different angle by looking more closely at one of our suppliers, Asco Joucomatic. Detailed below are five things you should know about this company and therefore why we are more than happy to supply their great range of components to our valued customers.

  • Asco Joucomatic are renowned for supplying an extensive range of both pneumatic components, in the form of actuators for instance, as well as fluid controlled products like solenoid valves and pressure operated valves.
  • With over 100 years experience behind them, they are adept at supplying components to the food, industrial, automobile and packaging industries plus many more, with continued research undertaken to create new products that meet customer’s needs.
  • A total quality program is enforced throughout the company when it comes to the production of such components, which ensures they meet all national and international guidelines to guarantee reliability and the highest level of function.
  • Rigorous testing is completed across all areas of the production process, from the early design stages through the testing, production, where high tech machinery and computerised systems are utilised, logistics and final delivery to ensure high standards are maintained across all levels.
  • The development of new products is in line with specific customer needs. Research is a large part of the new development process as specialists as constantly looking for new ways of completing tasks and the components required to achieve this.

Hopefully this post has given you a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Asco Joucomatic, the reasons why their products and components are so successful and why they are now recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in the field. For more information about the Joucomatic components we at BL Pneumatics can supply, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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