ASCO Announce Six Breakthrough Benefits of Steam Valve Technology

October 30 2013, posted in News

ASCO Numatics are one of the leading names in the pneumatic component industry, and a manufacturer we at BL Pneumatics are delighted to supply a number of products from. They have recently released a white paper entitled ‘Six Breakthrough Advantages of New Steam Valve Technology’ that we thought we’d take a closer look at.

The latest solenoid-based valves that control steam and hot water flow offer many advantages over their predecessors, which can have a positive impact upon both flow rate and the lifespan of the product. They detailed the six advantages of their new steam valve technology as the following;

  1. Higher Flow - Flow rates can be improved by 20-60% with the new technology utilised in these valves.
  2. Longer Life - High temperatures and pressure have had an impact on lifespan in the past, however this new generation solenoid valve has demonstrated vast improvements in this area.
  3. Easier Maintenance - Heavy duty bolts made older model valves more difficult to maintain, yet the new versions benefit from hardwearing threads that can unscrew quickly and easily to make maintenance access far more straightforward.
  4. Quieter Operation - New steam valve designs benefit from DC construction so can therefore eliminate the AC hum that used to be an issue with so many of the previous models.
  5. Reduced Inventories - Whereas separate valves would be required for use with steam and hot water previously, the latest models are designed to work in both circumstances so you can lower the numbers you need to order and in turn reduce inventories.
  6. Lower Cost - No more expensive to buy than their older counterparts, when the ability to order fewer yet maintain the same level of function, the longer lifespan and reduced energy consumption are taken into consideration, significant savings can be made with the new solenoid valves.
  7. Please feel free to read the complete white paper from ASCO Numatics with further details on the all of the advantages of new steam valve technology by clicking here. At BL Pneumatics, we are committed to providing you with the very latest industry relevant news as well as the best possible selection of products, so get in touch today to run through your pneumatic component needs and discover exactly what we can do for you.
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