Food industry robust, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean cylinders for seamless integration with sensitive environments.

January 2014, posted in News

Splash areas: cylinders series 454

Restricted retention areas for easy cleaning

  • Anodised aluminium tube with positive grooving profile for fitting of detectors if required
  • Blanking plug on each cylinder base screw
  • Optimised tube/cap connection
  • Anodised aluminium cylinder with anti-corrosion treatment reinforced on the base
  • Cylinder base treated specifically for food industry, resistant to cleaning agents
  • Top quality nose seal: PUR, FPM, or FPM + PTFE scraper
  • Options: 316L stainless steel rod, laser markings, IP69K detector, FPM or FPM + PTFE rod seals, stainless steel hardware and ATEX certification
  • Stainless steel pneumatic damper control cartridges
  • Grease compatible with food industry processes (FDA)
  • Designed for easy mounting
  • Connecting ports and dampers on the same side
  • Wide range of standardised rod fixings and end pieces with anti-corrosion treatment or in stainless steel
  • Lightweight construction
  • Option: cylinder nose seal protection module

Food process areas: cylinders series 431

Cylinder without retention area for easy cleaning and elimination of food contamination risks:

  • Totally smooth surface (Ra <0.6)
  • Optimised tube/cap connection
  • Rounded corners
  • FPM positive scraper seal (PTFE as option)
  • Totally built-in damping system entirely in stainless steel
  • Unalterable laser markings
  • Grease compatible with food industry processes (FDA)

Entirely stainless steel cylinder, totally corrosion-resistant:

  • Unalterable by acids used in the food industry
  • Total resistance in salt environment
  • Excellent resistance to chlorinated alkaline agents
  • Removable cartridge option with PTFE scraper seal for simplified maintenance
  • The "cartridge-based" nose allows the scraper seal and the rod seal to be changed without dismantling the front base of the cylinder. Simply unscrew the cartridge and replace the seals.
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