Norgren Global Product Update - Part Two

March 20 2013, posted in News

Following on from our previous post, ‘Norgren Announce Key Product Updates’ we at BL Pneumatics thought we’d bring you a second post with details of further updates Norgren have made to their range so you are well aware of the improvements and changes that could potentially have an impact on you.

In addition to those we ran through in the previous post, the following alterations, changes or upgrades have been made;

  • The technology of the solenoid actuated diaphragm valve series 82370 has been completely redesigned with the new series, which has DVGW approval, changed to 8290. This new model series is suitable for neutral gases and liquid fuels.
  • Changes have been made to the sealing of the BSPT gauge plugs used on ISO G ported versions of the R91 range of products in order to improve performance. Norgren are therefore changing the current Allen key plug to a slotted plug.
  • The V50-53 series of inline valves and the VLHA series of products have been modified in terms of their finish and colour, which makes them similar in design to the current Norgren VM10/15 valve islands. This change by the supplier has however been accepted by Norgren and will be implemented from this month.
  • Low demand has led to slide valve part numbers 04 0420 00 0000 and 04 0421 00 0000 no longer being available with immediate effect. Whilst they haven’t appeared in Norgren catalogues for a number of years, those requiring the part from this date onwards should instead use the current slide valves, M/7328 and M/7338.

As always, should you need any guidance on how the updates could affect you or your machinery, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a friendly member of the team here at BL Pneumatics will assist you with your enquiry.

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