Norgren’s Latest Technology to Launch at UK Exhibition

June 7 2013, posted in News

Industry leader Norgren have announced that they will be giving the UK debut to their latest actuator technology at the Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition which will be held at Birmingham’s NEC Arena from the 4th to 6th June.

On stand R43, experts from this world leading company will be showcasing IVAC (integrated valve and actuator control), which is a series of high performance cylinders that offer increased potential for energy saving, a vitally important feature in today’s society, alongside improved appearance and functional innovation.

As you will probably be well aware, traditional forms of pneumatic controls comprise of 13 different elements, however Norgren have now been able to condense this down into one integrated unit. This impressive technology has been designed by experienced experts in line with collaboration and feedback from customers on the improvements they felt could be made; resulting in IVAC.

Alongside offering a dramatic cut in the costs related to energy use and operation, each IVAC unit now only requires one pneumatic and one electrical connection. This immediately eliminates any requirement for additional components which in turn increases the unit’s efficiency. With such significant energy savings the belief is that, within one year of use, enough will have been saved to pay the cost of the complete IVAC unit.

Des Cunningham, who works for Norgren, said of IVAC: “After speaking with many of our customers it became clear they needed a product that not only cut costs, but also could be easily incorporated into their current operations.

“With these two factors in mind we created IVAC as a way to streamline conventional pneumatic control, and since IVAC can be retrofitted or integrated within new systems and requires no mechanical design changes from OEMs, the cylinders fit well in a range of operating environments.”

This is undoubtedly a very exciting development from the Norgren team and one that we at BL Pneumatics look forward to seeing the launch of and then being able to supply to our valued customers so you can all experience the benefits firsthand.

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