Pneumatic Components Market Set for Shake Up with Increased Manufacturer Competition

September 3 2013, posted in News

There is no hiding the fact that the market for pneumatic components is huge across the world and, in light of this, a rising number of newer, lesser known manufacturers are now trying to get in on the act and compete with some of the big names that have been at the forefront of the industry for years. With demand for industrial machines set to continue rising in the coming years, the requirement for components to run these machines is of course going to follow sync, therefore making the market for pneumatic components a great place to be.

Currently there are a number of manufacturers that dominate the market, including the likes of Norgren and ASCO Joucomatic who we at BL Pneumatics supply products from, however there are many up and coming manufacturers from countries such as China that are expanding their supply chain into Europe and the US, therefore beginning to instigate increased competition with the market leaders.

The new manufacturers from China produce standard pneumatic valves and actuators that they can then compete aggressively with on price, which has in turn led to the established names upping their game to produce more complex, sophisticated components that are considerably more difficult for the smaller, less established manufacturers to offer.

One particular area that the established names have been focused on is the development of high end pneumatic valve blocks, which are forecast to sell at almost five times the rate of single valves over the course of the next five years. The newer manufacturers aren’t blessed with the required skill, experience or expertise to produce components of this standard as yet, which the big names see as their way of staying at the head of the market.

It is certainly a development in the industry that we at BL Pneumatics are incredibly interested and one that we believe will only benefit our customers as high end pneumatic components are continually produced in an effort by the manufacturer to keep themselves at the pinnacle of an increasingly competitive industry.

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